University of Akron - Multiplex Football Stadium Academic Development

CBLH Design was asked to design the build-out of the academic spaces on the 3rd and 4th floors of the University of Akron’s Academic Infill project. This infill was part of the University’s new football stadium. This building includes the press box level, suites, shell space for academic programs and a concourse level that has game-day amenities.

The space is occupied by the Department of Sports Science and Wellness, which is within the College of Education. Within this department there were several areas designed. These include: Exercise Physiology and Research, Athletic Training, Hydro-Therapy Training, Musculoskeletal Anatomy, First Aid, Motor Skills Development, Teacher Coach Behavior Lab, Multi-Purpose Rooms.

In addition to the academic areas, this project included support areas with full-time and part-time faculty offices, department administrative spaces, graduate assistant offices, work rooms, locker and changing rooms, storage rooms and spontaneous collaboration spaces for students and faculty to use. There are also three classrooms, two of which are technology enhanced rooms and one which is equipped for distance learning.

Location I Akron, Ohio
Area of Project I 36,826 SF
Cost of Construction I $5,981,700