The Medical Center Company – Satellite Chilled Water Plant Addition

The Medical Center Company provides for the energy needs of the University Circle Area located on the east side of the City of Cleveland. Two major institutions within the University Circle Area are Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Case Medical Center. With both institutions’ continued growth, the growing demand for chilled water exceeded the level that the existing plant could produce, resulting in CBLH designing an addition to the Satellite Chilled Water Plant.

This 12,500 square foot facility contains additional chillers located on the first floor. A mezzanine and second floor house additional equipment to operate the plant. The roof of the building houses seven cooling towers in addition to the existing building’s 5 towers.

The design of the building is intended to complement its surroundings. The design fits into its environment through the use of materials. Pre-cast concrete panels and patina green metal panels can be found on the adjacent parking structure and other historic structures located throughout the University Circle Area.

Location I Cleveland, Ohio
Area of Project I 12,500 SF
Cost of Construction I $14,000,000