Northeast Ohio Medical University - Food Servery Renovation

CBLH Design was asked to renovate the Food Servery and Cafeteria for Northeast Ohio Medical University. The team worked in tandem with SS Kemp & Co. who selected the furniture and kitchen equipment.

The primary goals of the renovation were to increase through-put, open up the serving area to the Dining Room, and to increase the seating capacity. The design solution called for removing a vending machine corridor to increase the overall size of the Servery and allow for a larger entrance to help alleviate congestion during peak hours. The wall separating the Dining Room from the Servery was reconstructed to allow a more open feel using larger openings and areas of pattern glass. The Dining Room was reconfigured using banquettes, booths, and dining countertops as the general strategy for increasing the seating capacity.

The main serving line was divided into several stations so that multiple students could be served simultaneously. The space also features a salad bar, a soup and dessert station, and a beverage station.

Location I Cleveland, Ohio
Area of Project I 3,750 SF
Cost of Construction I $202,000 (Excluding FF&E)