Louis Stokes VA Medical Center - Ambulatory Care Addition

The Ambulatory Care Addition is a vertical expansion of the existing Ambulatory Care Center that was originally designed by CBLH Design. The Veterans Administration in Cleveland is in the process of consolidating campuses into one location at the Wade Park Facility in an effort to streamline patient services. This addition houses the following outpatient clinics: Eye, Dental, Audiology, and Mental Health. Each clinic operating independently of the other has shared waiting areas because of variances in patient volumes throughout the day and week. These services areas are located in this addition so that outpatient activities are concentrated in the Ambulatory Care Center rather than the main hospital.

The new Eye Clinic includes:
3 Pre-Test Rooms
1 Litter Exam Room
8 Optometry Exams
5 Ophthalmology Exams
Laser Room
Visual Fields Room
Photography/Optical Nerve
Eye Procedure Room
Dilation Area
Low Vision / Blind Rehab

The new Dental Clinic includes:
2 Oral Surgery Rooms
1 Periodontal Room
1 Special Procedure Room
2 X-Ray Rooms
2 Hygienist Stations
11 Treatment Stations
Dental Lab

Location I Cleveland, Ohio
Area of Project I 42,000 SF
Cost of Construction I $12,800,000