Louis Stokes VA Medical Center

CBLH Design holds a long-standing relationship with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. For over 20 years, CBLH has provided design innovation, hands-on support and essential leadership to numerous architectural projects.

The goal of the Wade Park Facility Project was to make all the areas involved innovative, user-friendly, functional and aesthetically pleasing for patients, visitors and staff. The Project began with a new Parking Structure and continued with the construction of an Ambulatory Care Addition and New Energy Center. Extensive renovation continues in the Existing Hospital.

The new Ambulatory Care Center provides a central area with a comprehensive array of quality services. Easy access and convenience to all departments benefits both patients and staff. Services are located on both the first and second floors with an open atrium making the visual connection between the floors.

Major Projects


Garage & Bridge
$ 11,132,225
Amb. Care Addn.
$ 22,887,495
Energy Center
$ 5,000,000
Critical Care Unit
$ 4,791,450
Monitored Bed Ren.
$ 3,080,446
6th Floor Spinal Cord Ren.
$ 6,635,662
5th Floor Med/Surg Ren.
4th Floor Med/Surg Ren.
$ 8,152,161
3rd Floor Med/Surg Ren.
$ 7,797,906
Hemodialysis Ren.
Dental $
Cath Lab
MICU Buildout
K-Wing Labs
In-Patient Pharmacy
Ambulatory Care 3&4 Floors  
$ 12,800,000
Emergency Department
$ 8,500,000
CARES A-Level Plaza
$ 500,000
$ 106,863,121

CBLH is very proud to have designed for over 25 departments and 500,000 SF of space at a construction value of over 100 million dollars.

Location I Cleveland, Ohio
Area of Project I 500,000 SF +
Cost of Construction I $100,000,000 +