Kent State University – Ashtabula Campus Health & Science Building

To address increasing enrollment, Kent State University’s Ashtabula Campus commissioned CBLH to design a new Health and Science Building to meet its growing needs. As recommended in a recently completed master plan for the campus which recognized the rapidly expanding allied health field, a new building will be constructed for the Health and Sciences.

The Kent State University’s Ashtabula campus opened its first building in 1967. In 1972 several other buildings were added. Since that time, no new work has occurred on the campus; however, enrollment has continued to increase.

The new Health and Science Building is approximately 56,000 square feet and provides modern and expanded space for nursing, radiology technology, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Biology, chemistry and anatomy classrooms and laboratories have updated facilities throughout the building. The building also includes computer laboratories, seminar rooms, faculty support spaces and a main lecture facility.

Location I Ashtabula, Ohio
Area of Project I 55,890 SF
Cost of Construction I $9,936,000