Cuyahoga Falls – Public Library Phase 3 Children’s Department Renovation

CBLH Design recently designed (and is currently in construction) the third and final phase of the Cuyahoga Falls Library renovations. CBLH had designed the first two phases. Each phase was part of a Master Plan that has been implemented over the past 6 years.

This phase of the project includes the renovation of the Library’s Lower Level for the Children’s Department and public meeting spaces.

The design is following the “River of Knowledge” theme. The finishes for the spaces are coordinating with this theme with complementary color schemes, textures and materials. In fact, these textures are being used as a learning tool by implementing pebble floors and wood planks to mimic a boardwalk. It’s an attempt to generate creativity and thinking.

The program includes child reading areas, story-time room, tutoring stations, computer stations, early childhood development area, reference desk, dedicated tween space and a “learning toilet room” with fixtures sized for both adults and children.

Additional spaces include public meeting spaces with divisible partitions allowing three public meeting spaces to be divided into five. A renovated employee break area and public restrooms are also designed.

Location I Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Area of Project I 16,100 SF
Cost of Construction I $1,340,000