Cleveland State University – Main Classroom Building

CBLH Design assisted Cleveland State University in modifying and renovating the Main Classroom Building to provide students and faculty with a modernized Student Services Center.

This project was done in three separate phases so that the building could remain in use throughout the entire construction period.

Phase 1 included the construction of a new stair and elevator tower at the north end of the building.

Phase 2 of the project enclosed the 50,000 square feet of outdoor space in preparation for the Phase 3 buildout work.

Phase 3 of the project was the build-out of the plaza level. Some of the major elements of this phase included a 4-story atrium, student services department build-outs, an 800-seat auditorium renovation, pedestrian bridge renovation and conference facility.

Location I Cleveland, Ohio

Area of Project      Cost of Construction

Phase 1 I 20,000      SF $ 4,245,000

Phase 2 I 80,000      SF $ 8,805,000

Phase 3 I 85,000      SF $11,885,000