Cleveland State University - Honors College

As a part of the University’s renovation and expansion of the Main Classroom Building the development of the 4th floor of the new atrium for the Honors College was undertaken. This suite was designed to contain the administrative services for the University’s Honors Program.


Because of the limited amount of exterior wall available for day-lighting, the design utilizes large amounts of interior windows. In an effort to provide some level of privacy for office occupants, textured glass was incorporated into the design. In addition to allowing precious sunlight to penetrate into the suite, some of the best views of heart of the campus and downtown Cleveland are seen in these offices.


The administrative offices are separated from a student lounge area. This lounge, that allows students in the program to study in groups or individually, participate in group activities or just relax from a challenging day of studies, is part of the building’s atrium.


The most noticeable change to students is the Honors College’s entrance. In renovating this part of the building the entire public corridor area was renovated utilizing the pattern glass, wood, metal and the warm rich colors and materials that are throughout the suite itself.

Location I Cleveland, Ohio
Area of Project I 4,700 SF
Cost of Construction I $454,900