Chalmers P. Wylie VA Ambulatory Care - Master Plan

CBLH Design worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Columbus on a facilities master plan for their Ambulatory Care Center.

The goal was to identify strategies to best close the physical space gaps identified by the VA for roughly ten years. The system is projected to double in size over that period. These expansions are identified within 4 “Tracks”, each acting independently of the other.

Track 1
This track focuses on the 20,000 square foot specialty care addition and will follow with a surgery addition to the second floor. Future potential includes a third floor mechanical level and fourth and fifth floors.

Track 2
This track focuses on the three-story mental health/dental/diabetes addition. Highlights include a new main entrance and enclosed bridge from the proposed parking structure. The main public corridor will be extended to create a circulation spine and facilitate wayfinding for veterans.

Track 3
This track includes a two-story addition which will house urgent care on the first floor and cardiology on the second floor. The next two-story addition will accommodate additional space for urgent care, spinal cord injury (SCI), cardiology and sterile processing (SPS).

Track 4
This track includes the boiler & chiller plants, north parking structure, outpatient centers, and other off-site buildings.

Location I Columbus, Ohio
Area of Project I approx. 240,000 square feet
Cost of Construction I approx. $198,600,000