CBLH Design, Inc. – Architectural Offices/Studio Buildout

CBLH Design, an architecture firm designing for multiple clients for over 45 years had the opportunity to design its own space to accommodate the company’s space needs, establish a distinct firm identity and prepare for future growth. The new space was completely gutted and reconfigured in just two months.

The building is laid out in such a way to allow for collaboration from the staff. The open floor plan contains a series of production pods; each pod has four separate work stations. This design approach was chosen over the typical cubicle layout to allow for greater interaction and provide for learning opportunities on challenging projects. Private offices along the perimeter of the building for managing partners are in close proximity to the design team to give them greater access to the day-to-day projects. The new suite also includes two conference rooms, a break area with kitchenette, model building station, and an interiors library.

In addition to demonstrating our design talents, the new office wanted to showcase various products from our preferred vendors. This implementation includes flooring, lighting, countertops, etc.

The office suite is designed in such a way to allow for future growth. When the current space reaches capacity, shell space alongside the suite will be built out.

Location I Middleburg Heights, Ohio
Area of Project I 7,800 SF