Current Projects

Cleveland State University
Main Classroom Building & Student Services Center

Cleveland, Ohio

CBLH Design was selected for the Main Classroom Building Modifications at Cleveland State University. This partial renovation will alter the 436,000 square foot structure to enclose the Open Air Plaza level.

Phase 1A of this project consists of the design and construction of elevator/stair towers at both the Euclid and Chester Avenue elevations. The new elevator/stair towers will eliminate interior stairs to allow for the build-out of the plaza level for administrative and student activities.

Owner: Cleveland State University
Ed Schmittgen, Executive Director
Facility: Main Classroom Building
Construction: Renovation/Addition
Area of Building: Phase 1A - 20,000 SF
Phase 1B - 81,000 SF
Project Budget: Phase 1A - $3,900,000
Phase 1B - $18,200,000
Completion Date: November 2007 (est.)
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Cleveland State University Main Classroom Building


Phase 1B of this project encloses approximately 50,000 square feet of open area at the plaza level for use as student service space. Some of the major elements that are included in this phase are: New entrance atrium, perimeter enclosure, pedestrian bridge renovation, deck repairs and alterations for planting areas. This is the first step of a multi-phase project to construct a new Student Center and will be used for temporary offices for several programs while that building is being constructed.